SACRe doctoral program

Program type : Initial Training
Degree : PhD
Discipline(s) : Plastic Arts, Film, Dance, Design
Domains : Arts
Teaching language : French
Internship not required
Prerequisites : Master

The goal of SACRe (Sciences, Arts, Creation, Research) is to foster the emergence and development of projects that blend design and research, using unique methods to produce unique results.

Interdisciplinary in spirit, this doctoral program unites artists, designers and actors with theoreticians in the hard, human, and social sciences.

The SACRe doctoral program (Sciences, Arts, Creation, Research) was established in 2012 as part of a cooperative effort by six PSL member institutions, including the École normale supérieure (ENS) and France’s five foremost graduate schools in design and the arts: the Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique (CNSAD, professional acting school), the Conservatoire national supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (professional training in  music, dance, and sound technologies), Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD-Paris, artistic, scientific, and technical training for artists and designers), Beaux-Arts de Paris (artistic creation), La Fémis (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Métiers de l’Image et du Son, the French national film school).


SACRe doctoral students attend a variety of seminars:

  • seminars offered by their school of the arts, connected with their thesis topic and artistic practice.
  • seminars offered by their doctoral school, ED 540 – Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (Humanities/Sciences), connected with their thesis topic (view website for ED 540).
  • seminars offered by their assigned laboratory, EA 7410 – (Sciences, Arts, Creation, Research). Invited speakers will address this seminar on a topic to be determined at the start of the year. All doctoral students are required to attend this seminar during their first two years of work on their thesis and to present an interim report on the progress of their thesis during the second year and a preliminary defense in the third year.

Admissions requirements

All candidates must meet the university’s enrollment requirements and must hold a diploma awarded upon completion of five years of university study:

  • French Master’s degree.
  • Diploma conferring a Master’s degree (or equivalent diploma) in France or abroad.
  • Diplôme de 2e cycle supérieur (Master’s degree) awarded in France or abroad.

Artist candidates must be able to present a portfolio showing evidence of actual artistic work.
Candidates may not already be enrolled in a doctoral thesis program.
There is no age limit for candidates.
Candidates may not compete for admission more than three times in all.

Call for applications:

The admissions process begins each year in May. It is conducted in two phases.

Please note: Applications are initially submitted to the partner institution selected by the candidate depending on the topic of his or her project. Each institution describes its application procedure on its website and lists the documents that must be submitted with the application.

Following a selection process, each institution decides on the admissibility of the candidate(s) selected.
The PSL Selection Board then decides on final admissions, based on its review of the applications and the reports prepared by each institution.

The final results are announced on the PSL website in September.

After final admission, students must enroll at one of the conservatories or art schools as well as at PSL in order to participate in coursework (fees are paid only to the art school or conservatory). Doctoral students who are preparing their thesis at the École Normale Supérieure de Paris enroll at ENS only.

Conditions d’admission

Les candidats doivent remplir les conditions d’inscription à l’université et être titulaires d’un diplôme sanctionnant cinq années d’études supérieures :

  • Diplôme national de Master.
  • Diplôme conférant le grade de master ou diplôme équivalent, français ou étranger.
  • Diplôme de 2e cycle supérieur français ou étranger.

Les candidats artistes doivent pouvoir présenter un dossier attestant d’une réelle pratique artistique.
Les candidats ne doivent pas être déjà inscrits en thèse.
Il n’y a pas de limite d’âge pour les candidats.
Les candidats ne peuvent se présenter plus de trois fois.


Administrative manager for PSL doctoral programs:

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