Welcome Desk


Guided tours, culinary outings, trips to the museum... PSL’s Welcome Desk is staffed by a group of students who plan exciting activities and ways to dive deep into Paris life.

Each week, the Welcome Desk will send you a newsletter of upcoming events and ideas of cultural outings and events likely to be of interest to you.
Sign up today! For more information, write to the international Welcome Desk team at welcomedesk@psl.eu

Our international student support team is here to help you feel at home in Paris, organizing a variety of activities in partnership with PSL institutions. They can also support you in your administrative tasks, accompanying you to the CIUP, for example, which has an office dedicated to international students (ADEI).


Ayoub Khalifa étudiant PSL

The Welcome Desk plans fun activities and is the place to meet students from all over the world.

Ayoub Khalifa, Student at EHESS

Welcome Desk activities

Speak all colors at our Buddy Nights: Held weekly and often planned around a specific theme, Buddy Nights are an opportunity for international students to share their language and culture and to perfect their own French language skills over drinks.

PSL group jogs: What better than a sunrise run in Paris to appreciate the splendor of the city? Leaving from the École des Beaux-Arts, group jogs take a different route each week, and sometimes include races and the opportunity to run for Team PSL!

Culinary outings: One night per month, students gather at the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) to travel through cuisine.

Cultural outings: The international Welcome Desk team regularly plans opportunities to discover all that Paris has to offer, including group outings to museum talks and unusual walking tours of Paris.

Soirées Culinaires du Welcome Desk de PSL