Governing bodies


PSL is governed by several bodies in support of the President: the FCS Board of Directors, the PSL public Institution Board of Directors, the PSL Board of Directors, the Strategic Steering Committee, the Senate of Members, the Academic Council, the Curriculum Council, the Research Council, and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council.

Schema Organisation des instances de PSL

An integrated university

PSL is currently run by two entities: a public institution (“ComUE” in French), and a Foundation for Scientific Cooperation (FCS), which together ensure implementation of PSL’s missions (governance scheme) in accordance with its foundational documents (FCS PSL Articles of Association; FCS Bylaws; PSL public Institution's Articles of Association; PSL Bylaws).

PSL is currently in the process of modifying its articles of association to reflect its transformation into an integrated university with extended functions.

While respecting the principle of subsidiarity, the texts will accord PSL the full range of university functions, notably the conferring of degrees at each level of study, participation in international rankings, and the development of a common strategy for research, academics, technology transfer, and international policy. This full set of functions is framed by a coordinated, multi-year budget managed under the President’s authority.

The future university will be comprised of member institutions and associate institutions. Research organizations will play a key role and will be actively involved in governance and the development of the university’s research policy.

The future university will also forge preferential partnerships with additional institutions not falling within its perimeter.

NB 1 : EHESS (École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) will determine its status (member or associate) in November. Its governing bodies have already indicated that EHESS will become part of the integrated university.

NB 2 : The Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Foundation for Research (FPGG), which was a member of PSL FCS, has been absorbed by FCS PSL.